Poured Out

“Many will come.

Many will come and see the goodness of God poured out over your life.

You are my servants and my witnesses who I have chosen to declare my name into darkness so that it flees. To bring light- the Light of the world. The darkness will not overcome the world- new life is beginning. It starts with a word: The Word of Life.

You will begin to declare those things that have not been seen yes as though they are already finished- my harvest and your harvest will come. I am not a man that I should lie. It will surely come to pass in this hour.

The night is almost over. The day is coming, and the glory of the Lord rises on you. For this time you were created.

Raise my standard high so that all may see it and look upon me as their savior and their king. I will draw mine to me. I am already doing it. Prepare the way. Prepare for the harvest. I am coming for my Bride. I am coming.”

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