A Step Down

Hebrews 2:5-8 The Gritfull Life

I was traveling last week for a mastermind, and I’ll admit, it’s a challenge for me to leave my family to go out of state. But I also had a lot of time on the plane to read, strategize, and reflect on what God is doing right now.

The disciples were called and then sent. Being at home is a comfort zone for me. But I knew that in order to grow to where I’m going to, I needed to make this trip.

I was reminded that it’s important to take trips and especially to fly. To sit in an aircraft and to watch and wait as you go higher. It lends perspective as you ascend and everything under your feet gets smaller. Not only do you have perspective on altitude but now those things beneath you become insignificant. And then you realize that you’re just as small as those things, you’re just higher. Imagine watching the cars and houses becoming smaller and smaller until you’re so high that the movement of life below ceases from your vantage point. It’s quiet. Peaceful.

But wait. You were just there. You were just down there, feet touching the ground. You woke up this morning and went about your morning routine. You may have frantically driven to the airport. You went through the airport process: checking your bags, checking in for your flight, passing through security….all the fun things you have to do before boarding the plane. Then you realize how small you are. How many more billions like you do the same thing with each sunrise and sunset? And then you realize how personal God has made himself known to you.

We are a grain of sand on a seashore called earth. Our lives are but a breath when compared to the vastness of God and eternity with Christ. What would make him see us so personally, and know us so intimately? What makes him step down from high and enter this world as one of us?

It’s love.

To say, “I’ll never leave you or forsake you”? Never leaving implies that he is right there with us at all times. And he is!

What kind of God could be so big and yet able to be right with us in the midst of our darkest times? The same God that came down from his throne to reach down into the dirt to make man. To sculpt and mold him from the earth. To breathe his holy breath on us so that we would come alive in him.

Some of us have dads that wouldn’t flip us a nickel, but this God. This father. He is real love.

He is real. And he’s not the kind of creator or father that makes us and sets us on the shelf. He is with us in everything- from our first breath to our last, whether we acknowledge him or not. In Psalm 8 David says, “Who is man that you are mindful of him? the son of man that you care for him? He made us a little lower than the angels and he crowns us with glory and honor. You made us ruler over the works of your hands, God you put everything under our feet, all the flocks and herds and beasts of the field. The birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, all that swims the paths of the seas. Oh Lord, how majestic is your name in the all the earth!”

His word says- those who know his name will trust in him for he has never forsaken those who seek him.

Jesus took no advantage of being God. He made himself small like us. He came into the world the way we do: through our mother’s womb. He spoke first as a baby, then as a child. He learned to walk like we did. He held a job as a carpenter, a builder, before he would go on to build the kingdom of God. He suffered like us. He went through trials like us. He experienced a life of humanity, yet as God and man, he did not sin. God came down and made himself a sacrifice for us. All because of love.

Today, I’m praying that you remember the greatness of our God. If you’re getting a little too big for your britches, I pray you’ll remember how small you are. I pray you’ll remember the humanity and divinity of Jesus. He stepped down into the small for you.

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