photo courtesy of James Coleman, Unsplash This morning in my quiet time I was praying in the spirit and I found myself saying, “You first, God! You first, God!” over and over again. I need to tell you I go into my quiet time with no agenda other than to thank God for what he’s […]

In my quiet time today as I was praying, The Lord Spoke these words to me: “I will strengthen you and uphold you with my righteous right hand. When I forgive, I truly forgive. I remember NO MORE. Do not recall the past. Focus on your future in Me. I will make you strong to […]

My office is sort of like my war room. I put words and descriptions of visions up on my walls to surround myself with VISION for what the Lord is saying to me and the promises He’s made. I am surrounded by words of life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. This morning, […]

“I’m warning you that not everyone who professes to be sent by Me belongs to Me. When I have given you instructions I expect you to carry them out to completion. Do not be swayed by someone who uses My gospel for their gain. Find the answers from Me. In relationship with Me. I will […]

“I have loved you with everlasting love. Come back to me, My Beloved. My Church has busied herself with many things but My Presence is uninvited. I am calling out to My Bride, “Come back to Me. Come and find me.” You will indeed find me when you seek me with all of your heart. […]

Everlasting Love

Yesterday the Lord spoke this word to me: “I am distinguishing between Mine and the world. I have marked my Beloved and no harm will come to them. They have been chosen out of the world to serve Me; to make My Name KNOWN now in this generation. My soldiers have been sharpened by a […]

This morning, I sat down to start in on my morning ritual with my cup of coffee, my bible, and my book of prayers. My mind has been distracted by the national news and world news in light of bible prophecy. I sat down and hugged my bible and began to cry for the lost […]

The Lord spoke: “When Samuel invited Me to speak, I spoke immediately. I did not hold back My voice from those who desired to hear it…For those who prepared their hearts and minds to come into My Presence with singing and worship. Samuel was in the place I needed him to be to hear My […]

(Photo courtesy of Jorge Rojas, Unsplash) This morning as I was praying in my quiet time, the Lord began speaking to me and I penned what he wrote to share with you: “The theology and doctrine of man has invaded My Church. My Word is eternal and all others will fade. Cling to My word. […]

When I hear the words “Return to me” I think of a song by Dean Martin that includes these words: “Return to me Oh my dear, I’m so lonely. Hurry back, hurry back! Oh my love, I am yours.” (listen to the full song here.) This morning in my quiet time, the Lord took me […]

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" I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."
-Isaiah 6:8

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