He’s Pursuing You

Psalm 23:6 The Gritfull Life

A word from the Lord:

“I am a jealous God. I am pursuing you through your struggles. The pressure. The circumstances. That’s Me, drawing you to Me. I created the deficits so that you would see that nothing satisfies like the light of my love and acceptance of you. Be not ashamed nor condemned. For I do not condemn you for your sins. I came to save you from them. Will you wash yourself at the cross, underneath the cleansing power of my blood? I will make you holy. I will free you from the demons that have plagued you your whole life. It’s time to be healed. Call out to me, and be saved. turn away from those things that have separated us. Be one with me. Walk with me. Let me show you how to see. Not your circumstances. Not your failures. Not your lack. But My plan for you. The places I call you to go. The Land of Plenty I have for you. Come in faith and just believe! I am a good Father, and I will surely do it!”

I can confidently say that for the majority of my life until now, I didn’t know how to see or how to think. It’s like from the moment I was born the world and the devil began backhanding me across the cheeks with lies.. hitting me so hard that, not only were my thoughts disrupted, but it impacted my vision: how I saw myself and how I saw others, and how I perceived others saw me. This included misthinking how God saw me. Can you imagine a young girl being backhanded and punched in the mind by the enemy? It sounds brutal, but it’s the visual I have as I try to convey my past to you. Why was that devil doing it? Because He saw my potential if surrendered totally to the plans God had for me. For real. We are weapons in the hand of God, people!

I remember being around 5 or 6 years old when my mom first read The Wordless Book to me. I know that sounds funny because there are actually no words in this book, just colors. But the colors spoke a story in a way that left a lasting imprint on my heart. Here’s a brief explanation of how the story goes:

Black: represents sin. Our sin separates us from God.

Red: The blood of Jesus covers our sin. For God so loved us that he gave and sent his son into the world to die for us that we would be saved through him.

Blue: His cleansing blood washes us. We are then baptized as a symbol of dying with Christ and being raised to life in Him.

White: symbolizes how Jesus has made us “as white as snow.” Pure in God’s eyes. And we begin a set apart walk with God, where we are continually cleansed by his blood.

Green: symbolizes growth. We don’t stay babies or new believers. We are called to be a disciple, to be mature, and to disciple others.

Gold: The Kingdom of Heaven. The gift of God is eternal life in heaven with Christ. We will walk on the streets of gold with our Savior.

This simple message of the gospel was appealing to me, because it focused on colors to tell a story. As a child, art was one of my favorite pastimes. I loved to get lost in color- to create pictures and visions of places I’d like to go. Places I’d rather be. It’s so amazing that even as a child, God will speak to you in his special love language. For me, it was imagery, visuals, colors, and dreams. Why am I telling you all of this?

Because God speaks lovingly to us in whispers, in colors, in pictures, in what I call “creation language.” Whatever your love language with him is. Remember when, as a child, you used to dream about what you would become? There was no limit on who you thought you would be. Why? Because imagination is a gift from God. Creativity is a gift from Him. He put things inside of you, special things, that are attached to your identity. But what does Satan do? He comes in like a wrecking ball- into your thoughts, through people, through circumstances- to sow seeds of shame, doubt, victimization, disbelief. To get you to abort the plans God has for you. Give him enough time and he will get you to come into agreement with his plans rather than the awesome plans God has for you.

Today the Lord is saying that it’s Him who has been pursuing you. Things in your life might seem as though they are falling apart, but they’re actually falling together into place. Like pieces of a puzzle that point to his unfailing love for you. There’s nothing you have done that comes as a surprise to him. It’s time to step out of whatever mindset has kept you from coming to God. Receive the forgiveness that flows from the throne of heaven today. Maybe you think you’re not good enough. Maybe you think you’re too far gone in the eyes of God. Maybe you’ve just got the volume up on the devil’s radio and you’re still believing the lies that he’s speaking over you. It’s time to get to the cross. RUN! Don’t waste another day. The Lord is calling out to you in love to come home. Be cleansed with the power of the blood of Jesus and receive healing of your mind and your vision. He wants to show you the plans he’s got for you. You’re not too old. It’s not too late. You will be invigorated by the things God wants to do in and through you. You just have to GO! God is saying to go to Him in faith and “just believe!” It only takes a little faith. A little mustard seed-sized faith to believe that He can and will change your life. He says, “Surely I will!” No more doubt. Just GO!

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